Elite Karate Centres in Sheffield

Elite Karate Centres are a Shukokai Karate training School, founded in 2000 by professional karate instructor Steve Hegarty 5th Dan. Our sessions at Elite Karate Centres teach both adults & children aged 6yrs upwards and are based around Sheffield, UK. All our centres provide a safe, fun environment in which to learn.

SSK Karate Association

Karate teaches respect, discipline, concentration, self defence and self control. We are a friendly club that welcome all abilities so give it a try, your first lesson is free!

The art of karate also develops and enhances physical abilities that would take a multitude of sports to develop. Students improve balance, hand-eye and hand-foot coordination, flexibility muscle tone, cardio-vascular/fitness timing and rhythm. All that and you’ll learn self defence as well.

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Elite Karate Centres is affiliated to Seishin-do Shukokai Karate (www.sskarate.co.uk) who in turn are members of the World Union of Karate-Do Federation (www.wukf-karate.org)


Steven Hegarty

Just had a sneak preview of the video's for Karate the app. Looking really good! !!

by Steven Hegarty

Steven Hegarty

Holy trinity car park is currently being relayed so theres no parking, only on Millhouses Lane.

by Steven Hegarty


EKC is a truly family friendly Dojo that strikes a great balance between enjoyment and discipline that the kids, especially, really respond to. Training balances all aspects of the sport with plenty of variety to every training session and the instructors are all very knowledgeable and helpful. A great place to learn Karate for all the family