Elite Karate Centres (EKC) was founded in 2000 by professional Karate instructor Steve Hegarty, teaching the Shukokai style of Karate.

Operating from several locations within the Sheffield area, our primary aim is to ensure each member enjoys their practice of karate-do, in doing so we are also here to support our members in their progression within the karate syllabus, at a pace that suits them. We teach over 300 students from age of 6, with no age limit – Just like the Okinawans.

Due to the varied nature of our training, Karate is fantastic for improving all-round personal fitness, whilst acquiring self-defence techniques and developing a love and understanding of the art. We recognise that every member of EKC is an individual and will have their own motivation for practicing Karate. So, whether they’re here on the quest for Black Belt, or to improve their fitness, we are here to support everyone in achieving their goals.

The welfare of every member, and their enjoyment within their learning, is of paramount importance to us. We ensure that all our Instructors are highly experienced, CRB checked (to an enhanced level), Safeguarding and First Aid trained, and are passionate about teaching karate-do in a welcoming and inclusive environment.

To come and see how we train contact us to arrange a visit to a class near you. If you want to join in your first lesson is FREE. We look forward to welcoming you soon.

EKC are proud to be affiliated to Koshinkan Karate Association, a not-for-profit organisation of professional karate clubs, teaching the Shukokai style of Karate-do, within the Sheffield & Rotherham area.

Being a not-for-profit organisation, funds generated from their activities are used to provide opportunities to further their members learning in karate-do and experience other martial arts, whilst also ensuring they come together as an organisation on a regular basis. Fundamental to the spirit of the association is that these opportunities are open to all members.

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