On the 14th May we held our annual club Kata championships, this was open to all grades and we had a total of 40 competitors well done to everyone who attended. Each competitor received a medal for entering (Not real gold though) trophies were awarded for 1st and 2nd place.

The event went really well and everyone enjoyed themselvs as this was a fun competition, but every one raised their game and overall standard was really high.

All pictures were taken by Simon Butler can be seen on our gallery section. The results were

Category 1

  • 1st Callum Sked
  • 2nd Bailey Cassim
  • 3rd Frances Christine Barnard-Mulrooney & Fredrick Colin Thomas-Mulrooney

Category 2

  • 1st Natasha Brock
  • 2nd Aran Joseph
  • 3rd Ruby Sked

Category 3

  • 1st James Burdett
  • 2nd Max Rowlands
  • 3rd William Leat

Category 4

  • 1st Jonny Butler
  • 2nd Jack Wilson
  • 3rd Jack Green

Category 5

  • 1st Alia Ismangil
  • 2nd Sam Jones
  • 3rd Jamie Taylor

Category 6

  • 1st Connor Blundell
  • 2nd Iona Blundell
  • 3rd Lindsay Crawford

Category 7

  • 1st Sam Ollerenshaw
  • 2nd Jamie Revell
  • 3rd Steve & Sue Wharton